Got a Problem? We'll Solve It


Got a strategic challenge keeping you up at night? It doesn’t mean you have to start over at square one. 

At Saga Content, we have a wide range of experience at parachuting in to help organizations large and small with precision-focused outsider expertise that can add structure to existing programs as well as new efforts. Where some groups may insist on “owning” your future direction with their own strategic stamp, at Saga we recognize that no two challenges are the same, and no one knows your brand like you do — what we can offer is the ability to pinpoint areas for improvement and evolution in a way that is bespoke, authentic, differentiated and ownable.

Here are a few challenges that we've helped others conquer:



How do you make dry data exciting?

One of our specialties, honed through our years as successful journalists and marketers, is finding the core narrative at the heart of a brand’s business objective and figuring out how to tell it in the most compelling, human way possible. One prime example is our work for Informatica, a big data company with a challenge of how to sell to customers who may not fully understand the benefits of their offering. They wanted us to use data to explain what they do; instead, we convinced them to tell the human stories of customers who faced their own seemingly insurmountable data challenges, until Informatica helped them reach new levels of success.


How do you define a brand that already exists?

First off: don’t panic. We’ve had dozens of companies sheepishly say to us, “We’re no longer sure where we stand.” Evolution is a normal side-effect of growth, and this can be a great opportunity to re-evaluate and re-validate your brand values and mission. One recent example is branding work we’ve done for Inspiring Capital, whose diverse verticals risked diluting their core mission — but after bringing a group of key stakeholders together for a brand workshop and weighing their input against our own competitive and audience research, we were able to refresh their branding in a way that recommitted them to their purpose.



How do you turn a moment into a movement?

If we had a dollar for every time a client told us their goal was to “go viral,” we'd retire. The reality is that you can’t flip a switch and have a bunch of fans overnight — but you can take key steps to make sustainable audience growth a reality. Step one is to actually understand and respect your audience — speak to them in their language and channels rather than forcing them to regurgitate your kool-aid. For Purdue University’s Day of Giving, that meant reversing the value exchange to give alumni content they appreciated before the University asked them for a donation, and using game theory to involve them and students in a series of friendly competitions to help raise money for groups they believed in.

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How do you cut through clutter?

Plenty of agencies claim to specialize in “storytelling,” but few actively do work as journalists and music video directors (we can’t think of a single one, in fact). We don’t just draw on past experience working for outlets like CNN and Rolling Stone or for music labels like Republic Records — we still do that work today, bringing the same expertise to bear on our work for organizations and brands. Why does that matter? Because there are plenty of brands and agencies out there who are making content, but not many that can create content that audiences actually want.


The best part?

We’re small, nimble and efficient, meaning we keep costs low, quality high, and timelines tight while maintaining a deep bench to staff up for larger projects. Get in touch to get down to brass tacks.