Did you know that we are experts on the intricate international diplomatic tensions that shape relationships between the nations and factions of the volatile Middle East? Yeah, neither did we. But when tasked with crafting a weekly animated series to promote an episodic video game about a pan-Arab A-Team attempting to bring peace to the Middle East, we had to learn fast!


Although Tiger Unit had originally been created as an episodic video game for a Middle Eastern audience starved for content that wasn’t news or propaganda, the realities of their mobile device infrastructure made large downloads difficult—but a perfect environment for short, episodic content in a simple comic book animation style.



Bringing our knack for engaging audiences with character-driven storytelling, we ended up concepting, writing and directing more than 30 weekly episodes that transported the audience, through their beloved multi-national characters, to locations ranging from Libya and Syria to Mosul and Tajikistan. Our episodes consistently brought in higher ratings than the series had ever seen, from overall views to duration.